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COST - The cost of providing music will vary depending on the number of musicians required, the distance to the venue and the time spent at the venue. Most of our groups are based in and around South west England and London  but will travel depending on location.
Contact us for a no obligation quote.

SET TIMES - Generally musicians will play 2 sets of 45 minutes duration with a 15 minute break in between but it is possible to have longer or shorter sets depending on your needs.
If musicians are required to wait for more than 1 hour between sets there will be an extra charge.

BOOKING - Once a group or style of music has been agreed on we will check availablity for your event date and send a contract out to you.
We can only confirm booking for a musician or group once the contract has been returned to us and a deposit paid. Deposit amount will depend on cost of musician or group.

DRESS CODE - Our musicians dress smart.Depending on the event that can be suits and ties/bow ties, funky smart dance band outfits, costume changes (certain acts). If you prefer something more casual that can also be arranged.
We believe in looking and sounding great!

TO BOOK - Contact Marick Baxter on

About Dragonfly Music UK

Dragonfly Music UK is a professional Bath based music agency supplying musical entertainment throughout the UK.
We provide music to suit any taste and budget, from Classical soloists and duos through to String Quartets, Latin, Jazz and Pop bands.
All our musicians and groups are chosen for their professionalism and high profile C.Vs to ensure our clients get the very best in live entertainment.

Dragonfly Music UK specialises in music for Weddings, Corporate Events, Birthdays, Awards ceremonys, and much more.

Our company is run by professional musicians with extensive experience in providing music for events such as yours. We know the stress involved with planning a wedding or event and make it our goal to provide a seamless, stress free, day or night's entertainment.

You Decide

Start with a solo harpist playing easy listening classical and pop music. Continue with a Jazz Trio playing quiet mood music and top it off with a Dance Band playing all your favourite songs. then maybe a Disco to finish the night.  Or you could have a ceilidh band which is good fun for all the family.

Just some of the possibilities available through Dragonfly Music.At many weddings and events there are several bands and a DJ hired from seperate companies which can mean several soundsystems and many people all needing to set up and adding lots of logistical stress and unnessary extra costs to an event. We can offer all of this through one place, you can be assured of the quality of the acts and all their equipment and that the event is handled professionally so that you can relax and enjoy your special day.


We also work for many festivals and are highly experienced in stage management. If you are running a public event then why not give us a budget and we can program a stage and provide all the equipment and crew for you?

Contact Dragonfly Music UK

Contact Us to book music for your event or for any general enquiry.

Please give as much detail about your event to ensure an accurate quote.

Be sure to include - Location (including post code), venue access (stairs/lift, direct access or 4 flights up), type of event, style of music, DJ required? Approximate start and end times, and your contact details.

We aim to answer any enquiries via email within 24 Hours


Phone - 07881 646633

Thank you for using Dragonfly Music UK.

To discuss your requirements and costs please feel free to call Marick Baxter for a no obligation quote on 07881 646633